We are glad that you are here! This website is for FHS Class of 1984, and we need your faces all over this website! For starters, we need to find all of our classmates!! Where are they, what are they doing, and indeed what do they look like now after 30 something odd years? To begin the exciting journey toward our 40th reunion, here is how we can work together:

Attend the 2024 Exploratory Committee Meeting

We are asking members of the class of 1984 to join the online discussion about our 40th class reunion. This meeting provides the opportunity to see each other again, reminisce, and have a good time “remembering when” while exploring the possibility of a 40th reunion.

This first meeting will be held Monday, February 17, @ 7pm EST. The meeting will last approximately 90 mins and there will be lots of decision making and catching up to do. Please use the following time-zone link  EVERY TIME ZONE  to check your local corresponding time(CST, MST, PST, and other time zones) so that you may arrive at the online meeting in time for the fun.

If you are able to join us, here are 4 simple steps to joining the meeting:

  1. Fill out the 1984 Alumni Registration form online.
  2. Sign up for a free Zoom account @ https://zoom.us/
  3. Check this website and the Franklin High School Class of 1984, Somerset, NJ Facebook page weekly for updates. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/1984FHS/?ref=bookmarks
  4. Brainstorm and write down some ideas of how you would like to participate in the planning process and be ready to share on February 17th!!!!

**About Zoom

If you need help with setting up your free zoom account, click this link “Setup a Zoom Video Conferencing Account” to view how to set up your account.

See you soon!

The 2024 Exploratory Committee for the FHS Class of 1984 40th Reunion