Remembering When!

High school years are often the most memorable times of our lives. During that time, we were most active, outgoing, and driven to succeed. High school was full of fun activities like sports, dances, dating, and driving to school in your senior year. But now that our lives have progressed, we often wonder about our former classmates and where are they now. Many of our high school memories have been left to the wind.

Rekindling Old Friendships.

It has been nearly 36 years since our last reunion and you’ve probably lost touch with a lot of your old friends. This 40th class reunion provides us the opportunity to rekindle those old friendships. You are just dying to know, have they married or remarried, landed dream jobs, had children, bought their own house? And let’s be real, you are also wondering how they look too! Fellow graduates, we need this reunion to reunite us once again before the wind blows out that last and final candlestick.

40th Year Reunion: Reuniting Once Again!

The 40th year reunion will take place in the year 2024 and, we need all of this time to plan something special. As we approach 2024, let’s consider multiple days of activities which may include things like:

  1. Happy Hour (Meet and Greet)
  2. Tour of the new Franklin High School
  3. Night on the Town (Revisiting old stomping grounds)
  4. Dinner and a Dance
  5. Retro Party ( Wear something you still have from high school or back in the day)
  6. Concert (Create a multi-class event to enjoy your favorite artists from back in the day)
  7. Tour Bus (Visiting neighboring states or cites see how things have changed)
  8. Party and Picnic at the Park (3Ps)
  9. Skating Rink
  10. Family Day (A day to meet the family members of your high school friends).

With each event, let’s rekindle friendships, make new friends, and leave each other with an everlasting legacy of good times.

2024 Exploratory Committee Meeting (2nd Meeting)

Thanks to all who attended our first meeting! We still have a lot to talk about concerning our 40th Reunion and we want you to join us.

The second meeting will be held Sunday, March 29th @ 4 PM EST. The meeting will last approximately 1 hour. Please use the following time-zone link  EVERY TIME ZONE  to check your local corresponding time(CST, MST, PST, and other time zones) so that you may arrive at the online meeting in time for the fun.

Stayed tuned to our Facebook page for meeting link and the agenda!

“Remain in the Know” through the Alumni Registration

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See you soon!

The 2024 Exploratory Committee for the FHS Class of 1984 40th Reunion